Tip: Steam in PlayonLinux in Arch

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So playonlinux is SUPER useful. very useful- they apply a lot of handy fixes for well-known programs that would normally run in wine.

Now, Steam has had a native GNU/Linux port for a while. But that’s not what I’m writing about. I’m writing about installing Steam in PlayonLinux so you can play Windows-only games in Steam.

Intrigued? Yeah, there’s already an article

But that’s beside the point.

In Arch, you may get an issue when trying to do the install in Steam- namely, that what SHOULD be the Steam installer window only seems to be a 1×15? or so pixel window- you can’t resize it, fullscreen it, anything. Changing your display resolution doesn’t help, switching DE’s doesn’t help, changing theme doesn’t work. What the heck?

It’s because of an outdated libz library shipped with PoL’s installation process.

Easy fix. First, close any PoL instances and all other PoL-related windows, then find ~/.PlayOnLinux/ -type f -iname "libz*" -delete

That’s it!

Thanks/credit goes to this forum post

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