switching podcast site over to textpattern...

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so i’ll be using TXP 4.7.0 for the new podcast site.

however, writing your own textpattern plugin kind of sucks when you do it the first time.


  • learn how to friggin’ do rollover drop-down menus because argh
    • i iz not webdesigner halp
  • finish backend
    • DB table structure for GUID, etc. DONE
    • figure out how to gen those on article submission and save in table (query’s done, was easy. telling the txp plugin hook to operate, however…)
    • can i alter the autogenerated url-title or whatever? it should be SXEY, not SXEY-some-title-of-episode
    • make sure i keep schema compatibility since not all clients like supar-strong-https-lolz DONE
    • how to make individual sha256 sums fetchable?
    • implement/clean up gpg signing
    • handle “flat” file uploads outside of TXP’s built-in (optional- might just use rsync/scp instead?)

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