april/early may 2017 roundup

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whoo. lots of big, big things.

New packages

The following packages have been added to AUR:

  • aif/aif-git
  • mtree-git
  • python-pylibacl
  • python-steamodd/python-steamodd-git

Updated packages

The following packages have had updates pushed to the AUR:

  • bdisk/bdisk-git
  • dumpet
  • python2-dpkt

New projects

The following projects are new:


AIF, or Arch Installation Framework, Next Generation, is meant to replace the dead AIF. It’s essentially kickstart (or preseed) for Arch Linux. you can find out more on the site. there’s wayyyy too much to go into here. i have made announcements on the arch-general mailing list and the community contributions sub-forum on Arch Linux forum.

Updated projects

The following projects have been updated:


  • fixed a bug with GPG signing with a specified key
  • fixed some minor bugs in the doc
  • cleaned up some layout, made the defaults more friendly
  • fixed hostname so it’s now templated using bdisk:uxname
  • fixed a bug with bitness being specified in:
    • the http sync
    • the isolinux configuration
  • changed mtree to mtree-git in the default package set (bug #10)
  • fixed a bug for syncing in the case of missing files

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