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SHA-3! Yay! It’s much stronger than SHA-2 (sha256, sha384, sha512). The sha3 variants’ checksum even match the length of their sha2’s equivalent. However, as with most GNU userspace, you have tools like “sha512sum”. Where’s the “sha3-512sum”?

It’s …not. But it is available via rhash!

$ echo 'testfile' > testfile
$ for i in 224 256 384 512 ; do echo "SHA2 ${i}" ; eval sha${i}sum testfile ; echo "SHA3 ${i}" ; eval rhash --sha3-${i} testfile ; done
SHA2 224
67cd078c189deaadc3ca6dade5b546b8ddbb8741a0b0aa3e6acc36c1  testfile
SHA3 224
8fe9a7ea5411b57b572e0d003d019967919b14250abab9e0838ccdc8  testfile
SHA2 256
a1eff63d6c0c39e4d804b1036ecd6924e7dfef2ce2beebcdc31a5ad564091eaa  testfile
SHA3 256
1a5de8bdd895bc5984fb7dc12e88ff63c3438719fd0b8a2d205a420cb17b6299  testfile
SHA2 384
2cab05234063c6a04990ceed69db4a416c017c510a55d9353e3eebaf9d9ee7c5561db366b0e6f8fd2ca1b637d7d73ca1  testfile
SHA3 384
cef3c72d65267b86f343cb5fdee76cc9f14630147f9445ccbf4ed68f3456b770df6b82747838a114d558cc30a65a63b1  testfile
SHA2 512
9b564263f44f6f80a6b80952d71c4b74130999dc1c35b4ad8517852a9c538ffb6c8b59e6d80f4cb20610e4ec4e17638a9d7aedec912dfc510127109be2e95dc4  testfile
SHA3 512
33770832769f926c147e3224cb957d5530f32e24957a0c6fe0c0e4f3731d4eb7f978da354bd9851748bd8ea12d559319324e062ab825ae5b62cdb6fbbeddc68a  testfile

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  • minor fixes- v3.00 release
    • maximizing the live env’s available memory
    • minor networking startup tweaks
  • some documentation updates too


  • changed upstream source URL to freebsd mirror because storcli keeps changing hands. gorram it.

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